Thursday, 6 March 2014

Tips for your website

Make your website user friendly and inviting

Let your visitors feel welcome and appreciated
and willing to return time after time.

Here are a few tips on how to make your website more appealing

  • Make the purpose of your website clear on the very first page.  If your  are selling a product or service, an option to buy should be prominent and visible.
  • Make navigation easy to understand and to follow – there is nothing more frustrating when you cannot find what you looking for on a website.
  • Change or add new contents on your website as often as possible, few people to nobody will return night after night to see the same movie over and over.
  • Use the right choice for colour schemes and fonts. Remember the visit to your website must be stress less, and struggling to read the content will upset your visitors.
  • Check the links on your website on a regular basis, a broken link looks unprofessional and is very annoying.
  • Minimise bandwidth usage. Most of our visitors in South Africa use their mobile phones to access the internet, and it will be impolite to deplete their data time on one visit to your website. A solution to this problem is to implement a mobi site.

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