Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Features and Benefits of a MOBI WEBSITE

Did you know that most South Africans access the internet via their mobile phones?  

Don’t you think this one reason is good enough to invest in a MOBI WEBSITE?

More features and benefits of a MOBI WEBSITE
  • ·         Automatically senses device type and responds with an appropriate page
  • ·         Displays the most relevant information at the top of the page
  • ·         Includes access keys for frequently used functionality
  • ·         Visitors can get in touch with you immediately
  • ·         Use less bandwidth (save data usage for visitors)
  • ·         Load faster
  • ·         Eliminate the inconvenience of slide-scroll

If you are interested in implementing a MOBI WEBSITE, contact Kreativan for affordable pricing that will fit your budget!

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